08.05-11.05.10 Kvadroprobeg “Front of the road“, devoted to the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory.
Our company was one of the initiators and developers route four day run on quad bikes “Front Road”, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory. The route has been prepared according to a militant, old maps, along with the search partywith the administrations and Belaya Rzhev, Tver Region.
At Rzhev, from mileage started at the memorial cemetery wreath was laid and the expedition headed toward d.PoluninoAnother twowreaths were taken from them and subsequently charged in the village Trubino and Siberians memorial to soldiers in the village of Flat,Belsky district Tverkoy area.
Mileage held c / o on ZalkovoMologinoItomlya, Young TUD, venison, Tatevo, Pushkar, Mr. White, and a number of other villages or places where those with a visit to the village war memorial.
In the future, participants came to the source of the Dnieper River and returned to Rzhev on the south side of the city, having more than 400 miles of abandoned front roads.