LECKER’s range of premium products includes a mixture for baking delicious homemade cookies, chocolate drops for decorating and thermostable chocolate drops for baking, natural baking powder, sheet gelatin, agar, yeast, Chia seeds, candied fruits and lemon zest and orange, organic citrus oils and some other products. All products are completely natural, have bio certificates.

Chia seeds are an additional source of protein (can be added, for example, in homemade cakes, muesli, salads, soups, cocktails, desserts), and the same are used as a vegan egg substitute in the preparation of home baking: to replace 1 egg 1 bag pour 5-6 tablespoons of water and leave to swell 10-15 minutes. You can then add to the dough. Thus, up to three eggs can be replaced in the recipe.

Organic candied fruits from lemon and orange peel contain natural lemon juice for the most vivid taste sensations.
Organic grated lemon and orange zest is processed with 5% natural oils of lemon and orange, which will give a unique taste and aroma to your favorite pastries, desserts, compotes, etc.
Natural edible oils of orange, lemon, lime, Mandarin and mint will add flavor to any dish.
Special attention should be paid to the mixture for baking cookies:

— we offer three types: light with chocolate drops, dark with chocolate drops, dark with Chia and hemp seeds;

— all components of organic origin;

— gluten free due to the content of easily digestible buckwheat flour;

— it is possible to prepare a vegan (or lean) version with the replacement of eggs for Chia seeds (are in the same package);

— baking time is only 12 minutes;

— in a practical cylinder for storing ready-made cookies: you can sell as a mixture, or as a ready-made cookies. If the sticker on the cylinder cover is used as a stencil, the finished cookie will perfectly fit the size of the cylinder.

Manufacturer BioThek (Germany).

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Sodium-free salt substitute

BonSalt is dietary salt without sodium. There are no analogues on the Russian market!

Suitable for people who are shown a salt-free diet. Unlike ordinary salt, it does not have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system, saturates the body with potassium, which, in turn, regulates the water balance in the body and participates in the contraction of the heart muscle. Gluten-free.

Convenient packing-a jar of 85 g (12 pieces in show-box).

Manufacturer GONZALO CASTELLO (Spain).

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Castevia is a natural substitute for stevia-based sugar without the taste and bitterness characteristic of stevioside. It tastes like sugar. Organic composition. Calorie content = 0, glycemic index = 0. Suitable for dietetic and diabetic nutrition. Convenient packaging – sachet 1G replaces 2 teaspoons of sugar in a box of 60 bags (10 PCs pack). It is also possible for HoReCa: the pyramids (1 pyramid 5 g replace 1 tsp of sugar) or in cubes (like regular sugar). Gluten-free.

Manufacturer GONZALO CASTELLO (Spain).

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