Hydrolised gelatine

Gelatine Pig skin 0-300 Bloom, 8-140 mesh



Gelatin is a mixture of animal proteins. This product is odorless, tasteless and colorless or slightly yellow tint. In dilute acid and cold water gelatin strongly swells but does not dissolve. Dissolve gelatin can be swollen by heating: This forms sticky solution, which then freezes and turns to jelly.

Technological advantages and features:
– Varying the amount and grade of gelatin can be gently zheliruemy,
paste and rubber-product;
– Varying the grade and quantity of the paste can be prepared, and gently zheliruemy
rubber-like product
– It is possible to combine with pectin;
– The best jelly chewing marmalade: fusible forms gels
that melt right in your mouth and has a high degree of release of taste;
– To form a jelly does not require the presence of certain substances or ions
metal, maintain a certain level of pH;
– Protect from drying out (functions as a humectant);
– Worsens conditions for microorganisms.

We offer high-quality gelatine from the company ITALGELATINE (SANTAVITTORIAD’ALBA).

Gelatin type A (swine).
Gelling strength (number Blum): from 0 to 300 Bloom. The higher the number, the higher the strength of gelatin gel.
The particle size of gelatin (mesh number): from 6 to 140 mesh. The larger the mesh, the smaller gelatin.


In the food industry:
-Ice cream, brawn, marmalade, jelly (agar jelly tends
to senerezisu);
– In cooking;
– In the production of wine and beer for their clarification.

In medicine as a hemostatic agent.
In the pharmacy for dosage forms and excipients.
In laboratory studies for the preparation of culture media.
In the film and photographic industry for the production of emulsions of the photosensitive layer of photo paper and film.
For paint, currency and artificial pearls.

Edible gelatine from Western manufacturers

Food gelatin is actively used in confectionery, dairy, meat-processing industry, as well as in cosmetics and production photographs. In the medical industry gelatin is used to make formula, capsules and PLASMA SUBSTITUTES.