Dietary salt without content sodium BОNSALT


Dietary salt BONSALT

Industrially-produced foods contain large amounts of table salt (sodium chloride). And, as we know, excessive amounts of sodium chloride accumulates in the human body. Potassium and sodium consumption interacts poorly with each other, which adversely affects the vital functions of man.
Potassium intake is reduced significantly due to the use of different methods of producing clean, cook and store food. In the long run, this leads to hypertension and degenerative cardiovascular disease. Also, if people are switching to a salt-free diet, food for them is tasteless and fresh. That’s why BONSALT ® is a white, granular mixture with a pleasant taste and potassium, which compensates for the lack of this element in the body. Since this salt is sodium-free, it restores the blood pressure.

In BONSALT ® no artificial and harmful chemicals. All components are approved for use in the food industry. BONSALT ® contains potassium chloride, L-lysine mono hydrochloride (an amino acid), potassium bitartrate, glutamic acid (an amino acid), silicon dioxide.

Purpose and benefits of each item:
Potassium chloride – salt substitute. It is a mineral that is essential for the normal functioning of the body. It provides and regulates the water balance of the body and is involved in the reduction of the heart muscle. The lack of this mineral is manifested in weakness, vomiting, excessive irritability. It is eliminated from the body directly.

L-lysine mono hydrochloride – basic amino acid needed for healthy bone growth and development. This is the basis for the formation of collagen, enzymes, antibodies and other components. It is this amino acid helps to get energy from fat and protein synthesis. It provides a taste of salt to the mixture.

Potassium bitartrate (pure cream of tartar) – it is a natural product derived from grapes. It gives a pleasant fragrance while removing tang after potassium chloride.

Glutamic acid – it is not essential amino acids, which contained mainly in meat, fish, eggs and dairy products. Thanks to glutamic acid is the movement of neurons in the brain and is essential to the normal functioning of the immune system.

Silica – it protivoslezhivayuschy element which mixes BONSALT ® be crumbly.

All the above ingredients are not to laugh, and implemented in different quantities. Therefore BONSALT a homogeneous product with a pleasant taste.

The sodium content
When the administration of the Food and Drug Administration to put a sign on the product “sodium-free”, which means that it contains no more than 5 mg of sodium per portsiyu.BONSALT ® does not contain sodium in 1/4 tablespoon.
Dining table salt comprises about 393 mg of sodium chloride. The human body requires only 500 mg of sodium per day. MAXIMUM amount of salt that a person can safely absorb is 2400 mg (1/2 tablespoon). This table salt, and the one that is contained in the food.But the total amount of salt for human consumption from 2300 to 6900 mg per day.

The potassium content
BONSALT ® contains 448 mg per 1/4 tablespoon of potassium. On average, this is the same amount that is contained in 100 g. potato or one banana. The minimum recommended amount of potassium for adults is 2,000 mg a day. However, if you have kidney disease, it is recommended MAXIMUM 3500 mg a day.

Quality BONSALT ®
BONSALT ® is produced using the highest technology and meets all quality standards.

BONSALT ® is Star – Kosher Certification.

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